Barbie News: When will Online Streaming Start?

Barbie Movie
The official online Release of Barbie was marked by a special video featuring interviews with The cast.

This blockbuster from The Summer of 2023 originally premiered in Theaters on July 21 and will return to IMAX screens with extra scenes on Friday, September 22. It has achieved an incredible global Box Office revenue of $1.4 billion, making it the highest-grossing Film in Warner Bros. history.

Following some uncertainty about The digital Release date for Barbie, which stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, The release date has now been Officially Confirmed.

When will Barbie Movie be streaming online?

For those who don't want To spend $30 to own the digital copy of the film, a crucial question is when Barbie will be accessible on Max without any extra charges.

Back in early August, David Zaslav, the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, mentioned that they anticipate Barbie's availability on Max during the fall, stating, "when [Barbie] goes on Max, we think it’ll have a very good Impact and that’ll be in the fall.”

If we take Zaslav's statement at face value, it suggests that the movie will start streaming on Max sometime between Saturday, September 23, and December 22, giving us a 102-day window.

However, we can refine this estimate by considering previous Warner Bros. (WB) Films Released in 2023 and other relevant factors.

One such film From WB This summer was DC's The Flash, which performed disappointingly despite high expectations and significant promotional efforts. It became Available on Max 70 days after its Theatrical release. If Barbie follows a similar pattern, it could potentially be on the streaming platform by The end of this month.

Yet, Barbie's exceptional success in theaters is likely to influence WB's Release plans, and it will probably be at least 90 days from its Theatrical debut before it's Available on Max.

Moreover, WB has given Barbie a 21-day longer gap between its Theatrical release and Digital availability, indicating a shift in The studio's distribution strategy.

Although Not confirmed, a plausible streaming date for Barbie on Max might be around October 19.

For those Interested, Barbie will be accessible digitally starting on Tuesday, September 12.
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