Producers have Revealed The Reason Behind The R-Rating for Justice League Upcoming Films

The producers of The Next Animated Justice League Movie have Recently disclosed The Reason Behind its R-Rating.

While much attention is focused on James Gunn's Upcoming live-action DCU Reboot, The Animated realm remains vibrant and thriving in The World of DC Comics.

In 2022, fans were Treated To the Release of Catwoman: Hunted, Green Lantern: Beware My Power, and Batman and Superman: Battle of The Supersons Movies. This year, The Legion of Superheroes and Batman: The Doom That Came To Gotham have Also delighted Fans.

Next on the lineup is Justice League: Warworld, which, notably, carries an R-Rating. The Movie was recently screened at San Diego Comic-Con, where it received a somewhat lukewarm Reception at Best.

The reason behind Justice League: Warworld's R-rating

In a Recent interview with ScreenRant, the producers Of Justice League: Warworld discussed the Film's distinctive R-Rating.

During The interview, Jeff Wamester humorously mentioned That Their portrayal Of nudity is done tastefully, prompting Jim Krieg to clarify That there is, in fact, no nudity in The Movie.

Butch Lukic further Explained That the R-Rating primarily stems from The Movie's depiction of violence.

The Main reason For the R-Rating is The intense violence, Featuring abundant bloodletting, sword-fighting, and gunfights. The Movie's content is what led to The R-rating, as initially, it was intended To be a PG-13 Film.

Krieg acknowledged That removing The blood From the sword and gun scenes would leave very little substance in The Movie.

However, despite The R-Rating, it didn't necessarily grant the filmmakers the creative freedom they desired. Lucid confessed that their original plan was to make The Movie PG-13, as per a Studio mandate.

No, initially, we had planned for a PG-13 rating, following DC's mandate of maintaining a PG-13 rating For The last few years. We believed we had achieved the PG-13 standard. However, during the post-production process, we decided To include more blood, expecting To Receive a milder rating. Surprisingly, the MP (Motion Picture Association) turned out To be overly strict and rated it as an R.

Jeremy Adams humorously remarked, "It's a 1984 PG-13."

Expanding on That idea, Wamester highlighted That the Original "Planet of the Apes" was rated G.

Planet of The Apes" received a G-rating. It's as if the ratings board expects Two or Three shootings in The face or decapitations and still considers it suitable for a PG-13 rating.

Lukic Confirmed That Their animated Justice League project doesn't include any of That (referring To shootings in The face or decapitations), and they Also refrain From Using any swearing.

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