Release of Citadel Season 2 Faces Unfortunate Delay (Report)

Citadel Season 2

A recent report indicates That The highly Anticipated Citadel Season 2 of Prime Video's Citadel has Experienced a significant Delay in its Release.

Since its initial Premiere in April 2023, the spy-thriller Series, featuring renowned Actors Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Has encountered numerous challenges along The way. Despite The involvement of The Russo Brothers as producers, The show received mixed reviews upon its Arrival on Prime Video. Regrettably, it has been labeled a colossal disappointment costing The streaming Platform a staggering $300 million, making it The most Expensive Television Series ever produced.

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Despite These setbacks, Fans can still look forward To The continuation Of Citadel. Not only has Season 2 been given The Green light and is in The works, But There are Also plans For spin-offs to expand the show's Universe.

Why Citadel Season 2 Delay?


According To a report From Variety, The highly anticipated second Season of Prime Video's Citadel has encountered a delay due To the ongoing Hollywood writer's strike.

Originally expected To Release earlier, Season 2 of The Russo Brothers-produced spy Series is now slated For a late 2024 or Early 2025 Premiere, as noted by The outlet.

While production For The New Season has not yet been scheduled, Deadline reports That it is anticipated To take place in California instead of The United Kingdom, where The first Season was filmed. This decision stems From the fact That the Russo Brothers secured $25 million in tax Credits From The California Film Commission, as Part of an $80 million initiative aimed at attracting More productions To The Sunny State.

According To sources cited by The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner David Weil is set To continue his role in The second season, and the Russo Brothers are expected To take on directing duties For multiple Episodes.

How Long will The Citadel Season 2 Release Now?

Citadel Season 2

Amidst the ongoing job action by The Writers Guild of America (WGA), many uncertainties persist regarding The progress of various productions. However, Fans of The Citadel Universe need Not fret.

As the Russo Brothers previously Emphasized, Season 1 of The main Series was merely the beginning of an expansive Citadel spy verse. Consequently, multiple spin-offs are currently in development, including Citadel: Diana, slated for 2024 (although its Release may Also be affected by The strike).

Considering the Recent conclusion of Season 1, The projected timeframe of late 2024 or Early 2025 for Season 2 seems logical. While The first season took slightly over Two years From filming To Release, The follow-up is Expected To have a shorter turnaround once filming commences. If all goes well and production resumes by year-end, it is plausible To anticipate a turnaround of approximately one year To 18 months.

Therefore, it is reasonable to Anticipate Season 2 gracing Prime Video's screens before June 2025.

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