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Uncharted 2 Movie

The first Uncharted Movie was a commercial Success, grossing over $400 million Worldwide. While There has been no official Announcement Of a Sequel, there is a lot of speculation About what it could Look Like.

One possibility is That The Sequel would adapt The Story Of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, The second Game in The Uncharted Video Game Series. This game follows Nathan Drake as he travels To Nepal in Search Of The Cintamani Stone, a powerful artifact. Along The way, he teams up with Chloe Frazier And Sully, And they face off against a Group Of mercenaries led by Lazarevic.

Which character of Uncharted will Return To Uncharted 2

If the Sequel does adapt Uncharted 2, it is likely That The same Cast would Return.

  • Tom Holland would reprise his role as Nathan Drake,
  • Mark Wahlberg would return as Sully
  • Sophia Ali would return as Chloe Frazier
  • Pilou Asbæk, who played Gage in The First Movie, could Also Return.

The Sequel could Also introduce Some new Characters. For Example, Elena Fisher, Nate's Future wife in The video games, could make her First Appearance in The Movies. The adult version Of Sam Drake, Nate's Brother, could Also play a bigger Role.

There is no Official Release Date For The Uncharted Sequel yet, but it is possible That it could be Released in 2025. This would give The filmmakers enough Time To develop The Script And Cast The rest Of The roles.

Some details from Uncharted 2 Movie

  • The Sequel could be Directed by Ruben Fleischer, who Also Directed The First Movie.
  • The Sequel could be written by Rafe Judkins, who is The showrunner Of The Wheel of Time TV series.
  • The Sequel could be set in multiple locations, including Nepal, France, And Spain.

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