James Gunn Confirms Plans for DCU Reboot Announcement at San Diego Comic-Con 2023

James Gunn, The newly appointed CEO Of DC Studios, has confirmed That he will be making an Announcement About his plans For The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) at San Diego Comic-Con 2023.

Gunn made The Announcement on Twitter, responding to a fan who asked him if he would be making any Announcements at The Upcoming convention. Gunn said That he would be making "a few" announcements, and that he would be "Excited" To Share Them with Fans.

This is The First Time That Gunn has confirmed That he will be making any Announcements About The DCEU at San Diego Comic-Con. However, it has been widely rumored That he will be unveiling his plans For a reboot Of The franchise.

Gunn was appointed CEO Of DC Studios in January 2023. He has previously worked on several Successful Superhero Films, Including The Guardians of the Galaxy Movies For Marvel Studios.

San Diego Comic-Con is one Of The biggest And most popular comic book conventions in The World. It takes place every Summer in San Diego, California. The convention is typically held in July, And it typically Features a Number Of panels And Announcements From Major Studios.

It is Unclear what specific Announcements Gunn will be making at San Diego Comic-Con. However, it is likely That he will be discussing his plans For The DCEU reboot. Fan's will be eagerly awaiting To hear what Gunn has in store For The Franchise.

Here are Some Additional Details

  • Gunn has said That he wants To create a "ten-year plan" For The DCEU, with a Focus on quality.
  • He has Also said That he wants To make sure That The DCEU is "inclusive" And "diverse."
  • There is no word yet on which Specific characters or projects will be part Of Gunn's reboot.
  • However, it is likely That we will hear More About these plans at San Diego Comic-Con.

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