James Gunn Confirms Groot's Growth Journey in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3

Groot - James Gunn Marvel

James Gunn Recently reaffirmed a previously disclosed detail About Groot in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3, which was initially conveyed to audiences several years ago during The poignant moment when The sentient flora giant sacrificed himself.

While Groot made his debut in The Marvel Cinematic Universe as an adult Character, his selfless act at The conclusion of The First Guardians film caused him To be reborn as a small plant in a pot. Over Time, he grew into a toddler in Vol. 2 And transformed into an adolescent during Avengers: Infinity War And Endgame, brimming with Teenage angst.

In The Third and Final installment Of The Guardians series under James Gunn's direction, Groot reached his largest size since his regeneration, although he had not yet fully matured into adulthood. This Transformative milestone was Unveiled in The post-credits scene, where his updated appearance flawlessly captured The essence of The Groot depicted in The Original comics.

A whole New 'Groot' After 'Groot' Sacrifice


During The Audio commentary For Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, director James Gunn confirmed That Vin Diesel's Character, Groot, sacrificed his Life in The First Movie To save his Teammates. However, Groot was not completely gone. Rocket Raccoon saved a small twig, which grew into a New individual.

While many believed That This new Groot was a reincarnation Of The Original, Gunn clarified That they are not The same person. He emphasized That This Groot is completely different from The one introduced in 2014 because The previous Groot had died And given birth To This New Groot.

Unfortunately, Gunn did not provide an Explanation as To why This change occurred And stated that he is unlikely To reveal The Reason.

A different Groot Grows Between The Audience

I am Groot

After nearly a decade, Vol. 3 Concludes with Groot finally reaching The size Of The Original version of The Character. In fact, when standing alongside The new Guardians of the Galaxy, he appears To be Even larger Than before.

Many Fans were initially frustrated by The long wait For Groot's Growth. However, This Extended period Of development, both in terms Of his personal Journey And physical stature, has resulted in a significantly deeper Character.

For those who adore The smaller, More playful side Of Groot, there's Good News. The Disney+ Animated Series, I Am Groot, is set To release additional Episodes in The Future. Although Groot has grown considerably, one can Expect The show To continue narrating Stories featuring The toddler version Of Groot.

The exact timeframe For Groot's Return remains Unknown. However, given his Appearance alongside Rocket And The New cosmic team at The end of Guardians 3, it is safe To assume That The gang will reunite sooner rather than Later.

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