Flash New Photos Reveal Best Look at Dark Flash Villain

The Flash movie is set To feature a villain known as Dark Flash, who is a darker And grittier version Of Barry Allen. This Character was First revealed in Leaked merchandise images, And has since been Officially confirmed by DC.

Dark Flash has a Black suit with Copper And gold accents, And his face is scarred And distorted. He Also has tendrils protruding From his body, which suggest That he has some kind Of Power Over The Speed Force.

Who is Dark Flash and How Will Come in The Flash Movie 

It is not yet clear How Dark Flash will fit into The Story Of The Flash, But it is possible That he will be a version Of Barry Allen From a different timeline. He could Also be a manifestation Of Barry's own dark side, or a villain who has been Created by The Speed Force itself.

Regardless Of his origins, Dark Flash is sure To be a formidable opponent For Barry Allen in The Flash Movie. He is a powerful Speedster with a twisted sense Of Purpose, And he will Stop at nothing To Achieve his goals.

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