Ezra Miller's Rejected Costume Unveiled by The Flash, a Design Worth Keeping (Photos)

The Flash Ezra Miller

Fans were recently treated To a glimpse Of an alternative costume For Ezra Miller's portrayal Of Barry Allen in The Flash. Many believe That This particular suit would have been a More fitting choice For The Movie.

Superhero Movies of This era often generate significant buzz around The topic of Superhero Costumes, as each New installment introduces Fresh variations For The respective main Characters.

Warner Bros. followed suit with Ezra Miller's iteration of The Flash, presenting a couple Of distinct suits For The Two Alternate versions Of Barry Allen. However, it seems That they may have had even More impressive options available To Them.

Warner Bros For The Flash This suit should have been Used

Flash Suit

A concept artist named Jerad S. Marantz Recently Unveiled an artwork showcasing an alternative rendition Of Ezra Miller's supersuit For The Flash. This version received widespread acclaim For its superior Appearance compared To The Final Design featured in The Movie.

The modified suit boasts a richer shade of red And incorporates a Flash Logo on Miller's chest That aligns closely with the iconic Design seen in The comics. Additionally, The lightning patterns adorning The legs, sides, And gauntlets Exhibit a More streamlined And balanced Aesthetic.

Flash Suit

The new helmet Design for Ezra Miller's Flash costume Features a touch Of gold plating near The ears And lightning-shaped patterns along The temple area.

Compared To The previous Flash Suit in The Flash Movie, this updated Design is simpler And more visually appealing. The pattern is symmetrical And lacks The excessive lightning running Across The Fabric.

The Flash Suit

In fact, it surpasses The previous suits worn by Miller in The Justice League Movies, which had an armored appearance With scattered plating throughout The Body.

The new suit bears a resemblance To The one worn by Grant Gustin in The CW's The Flash Series From The Arrowverse, although Gustin's suit lacked lightning motifs Except For The Belt.

The Flash Return on The Big Screen: Uncertain Future Ahead 

The Flash

With The probable abandonment Of plans For The Flash 2 by DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran, it may be quite Some Time before we witness a New iteration Of The Flash in Cinemas.

Moreover, The likelihood of seeing The Current version Of The Flash suit is slim, considering The conclusion Of The DCEU And The legal challenges surrounding Ezra Miller, which may lead To his departure From The Role.

The pressing Question now is when And where Gunn and Safran will choose To revive This beloved Hero, especially considering The significant number Of undisclosed projects in Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters' lineup.

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