History Maker 'Park Jimin' is Now 2x Guinness World Record Holder । BTS Member

Park Jimin, a member Of The South Korean boy band BTS, has been dubbed a "history maker" For his many Achievements in The music industry. He is The first And Only Korean and K-Pop Soloist To have four solo songs selling Over 500,000 units in the US, And his Song "Like Crazy" is The fastest song by a K-Soloist to Achieve gold Certification on RIAA. He has Also broken numerous Records on music Streaming platforms, And his live performances have been praised by critics And Fans alike.

Jimin success is due in part To his incredible Talent And hard work. He is a gifted singer, dancer, And songwriter, And he has a natural stage presence. He is Also known For his dedication to his craft, And he is constantly Working to improve his skills.

However, Jimin success is also due to the support of his fans. ARMY, as BTS's Fans are known, Are some Of The Most dedicated and passionate Fans in The World. They have helped To make Jimin a global star, And they continue To Support him every step Of The way.

Jimin is a true history maker, And he is an inspiration To millions Of people around The world. He is a testament to the power Of hard work, dedication, And passion.

Here Are Some Of Jimin Most Notable Achievements:

  • First And only Korean And K-pop Soloist To have four solo songs selling over 500,000 units in the US
  • Fastest song by a K-Soloist to Achieve gold Certification on RIAA
  • Broken numerous Records on music Streaming platforms
  • Praised by critics And Fans For his live Performances
  • Dedicated To his craft And constantly working To improve his skills
  • Has The support Of millions Of dedicated Fans around The World 

Jimin is a True Star, And he is only just Getting Started.

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