Carolina Miranda Biography

Carolina Miranda Olvera (born June 25, 1990) is a Mexican actress. She is best known for her roles in the telenovelas Las Bravo (2014–2015) and Señora Acero (2016–2019), and the Netflix series ¿Quién mató a Sara? (2021).

Carolina Miranda was born in Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico. She began her acting career in 2012, with a small role in the telenovela Los Rey. In 2014, she was cast in the lead role of Carmen Bravo in the telenovela Las Bravo. The role earned her a Palma de Oro award, an award recognized at a national level.

In 2016, Carolina Miranda joined the cast of the telenovela Señora Acero. She played the role of Vicenta Acero, the daughter of the titular character. The role earned her international recognition and a Produ Award for Actress of Revelation.

In 2021, Carolina Miranda starred in the Netflix series ¿Quién mató a Sara?. The series was a critical and commercial success, and Carolina Miranda's performance was praised by critics. She won a Imagen Award for Best Actress in a Telenovela or Series for her performance.

Carolina Miranda is a rising star in the Mexican entertainment industry. She is known for her beauty, talent, and charisma. She is sure to have a long and successful career in the years to come.

Carolina Miranda has appeared in the following web series:

  • Amor de Ciegas (2015)
  • La Cena (2015)
  • Un Día Cualquiera (2016)
  • Dani Who? (2019)
  • The IMDb Show (2021)
  • Fake Profile (2022)

Here are some of Miranda's notable works:

  • Los Rey (2012)
  • Las Bravo (2014–2015)
  • Señora Acero (2016–2019)
  • ¿Quién mató a Sara? (2021)

Carolina Miranda is also a model and has appeared in campaigns for various brands, including Pantene and Coca-Cola. She is a spokesperson for the Mexican Red Cross and has worked to raise awareness about the importance of blood donation.

Carolina Miranda is a talented and versatile actress with a bright future ahead of her. She is sure to continue to entertain and inspire audiences around the world.

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